A program needs only to be fast enough, not necessarily as fast as possible. —— David R. Hanson

C Interfaces and Implementations

Using macros to avoid function calls is rarely necessary. It pays only when objective measurements demonstrate that the costs of the calls in question overwhelm the running times of the rest of the code. I/O is one of the few places where macros are justified; —— David R. Hanson

C Interfaces and Implementations

I’m aware that many students don’t see the importance of a mathematical approach to CS. The feeling is, just let me near a keyboard and let me code. It’s quite common. —— Jeffrey Ullman

From the course of Automata

In testing primality of very large numbers chosen at random, the chance of stumbling upon a value that fools the Fermat test is less than the chance that cosmic radiation will cause the computer to make an error in carrying out a “correct” algorithm.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

英雄无岁,江湖无辈。 —— 旧江湖中的一句话


我想让事情是它本来该有的那个样子。 —— 死啦死啦


I always worked with programming languages because it seemed to me that until you could understand those, you really couldn’t understand computers. Understand them doesn’t really mean only being able to use them. A lot of people can use them without understanding them.  —— Christopher Strachey

《The Role of the Study of Programming Languages in the Education of a Programmer》By Dan Friedman

In mathematics, it is essential to learn the definition of each term. An intuitive feeling will not suffice.

《Algebra》By Michael Artin





我们是未来战争中站在最前排的,以寡击众。没有前方,没有后方。那是逆境中的逆境。 可是天下太平的环境给了我们什么。国家是后盾,人民是源泉。班长哄着,连长罩着。你们有谁面临过真正的逆境?




Quaerendo invenietis

GEB By Douglas Hofstadter